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BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership

BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership


Before the era of discipline specific studies, ancient Indian education system was ‘liberal’ in true sense, which implied a transdisciplinary approach. The Learners were accustomed to diverse subjects ranging from Philosophy to Natural Sciences. BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership Program is a unique program designed to inculcate these interdisciplinary values and shape future Leaders who will be placed in various domains, and throughout their academic journey. They will be aiming for top-tier positions in Social and Financial sectors, so that they can lead the way and set the trend. The Program aims to shape the Learners to ‘lead’ and not to merely ‘follow’. Its goal is to provide a holistic education, so that these future leaders grow academically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.The learners graduating from this Program shall be names that people may look up to.

Out of the two Specializations offered by the Program, Specialization I comprises ten compulsory courses on Leadership Development (service- solution based learning) such as Leadership and Ethics, Leading Teams Government and Governance Business, Government & Global Economy, Decision Making and others. Specialization II offers a diverse range of options, out of which any one can be chosen. The course of interest can be chosen from among options comprising Humanities, Strategic Management, Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, Economics, etc.

The Learner will study a combination of courses from General electives, Skill Enhancement Course, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses and Cluster Electives and various interdisciplinary fields of study as per choice-based credit system. Experiential Learning is the soul of this program and involves Rural Immersion Program, National Study Tour, International Immersion Program, Field Studies, Industry Visits and Internships.







135 – 159


Salient Features

Double Specialization

The Program offers the unique opportunity to students to earn their BBA degree with two specializations, in Leadership Development and the other in an elective of their choice. This Elective can be chosen from three distinct domains, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences or Performing Arts.

Leadership Skills

Students will be groomed to demonstrate capability for mapping out where one needs to go to “win” as a team, and set direction, formulate an inspiring vision, build a team who can help achieve the vision, motivate, and inspire team members to engage with that vision, and use management or social skills to guide people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Demonstrate integrated and interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of various disciplines that is an integral part of the program of study.

Interpersonal Skills

Express thoughts and ideas in writing and orally, communicate with others using appropriate media, confidently share one’s views and express herself/himself, demonstrate the ability to listen carefully, read and write analytically, and present complex information in a clear and concise manner to different groups.

Critical Thinking

Apply analytic thought to a body of knowledge, analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims, beliefs based on empirical evidence, identify relevant assumptions or implications, formulate coherent arguments, evaluate practices, policies, and theories by following scientific approach to knowledge development.

Problem Solving

Demonstrate capacity to extrapolate from what one has learned and apply their competencies to solve different kinds of problems.

Analytical Reasoning

Demonstrate the ability to evaluate the reliability and relevance of evidence, identify flaws in the arguments of others, draw valid conclusions and support them with evidence and examples, and address opposing viewpoints

Research Skills

Demonstrate a sense of inquiry and capability for asking relevant questions, demonstrate the ability to recognize cause-and-effect relationships, interpret data and draw conclusions.


Demonstrate ability to work with diverse teams, facilitate cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group, and act together as a group or a team lead as well as be an efficient team member.

Reflective Thinking

Demonstrate sensibility to lived experiences.

Digital Literacy

Demonstrate capability to use ICT in a variety of learning situations, demonstrate ability to access, evaluate, and use a variety of relevant information sources.

Self-Directed Learning

Demonstrate ability to identify appropriate resources required for a project and manage a project through to completion.

Multicultural Competence

Demonstrate knowledge of the values and beliefs of multiple cultures, effectively engage in a multicultural society, and interact respectfully with diverse groups.

Moral and Ethical Awareness

Demonstrate the ability to identify ethical issues related to one’s work, avoid unethical.

Community Engagement

Demonstrate responsible behavior and ability to engage and participate in community and civic affairs.

Lifelong Learning

Demonstrate the ability to acquire knowledge and skills, including ‘learning how to learn’ that are necessary for participating in learning activities throughout life, through self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal development, meeting economic, social, and cultural objectives, and adapting to changing demands of society/ workplace through knowledge/skill development/reskilling.

Mentor Mentee System

Apart from the guidance of individual teachers for each learner, the program will assign an Industry Expert as a Mentor for each learner who will guide the learner at every level of the program and will also help the mentee understand the inner workings of the industry.


BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership program, through various activities such as field work, study tours, Immersion programs helps the Learners to develop application-oriented knowledge by firsthand experiences outside the conventional academic setting. The program, as a part of experiential learning, comprises of:

  • MIT WPU Rural Immersion Program aims at making Learners live and experience the grass root realities of rural life.

  • *National Immersion Program: To expose Learners to imbibe national perspective and awareness about the diverse culture of our country. It also includes field and industry visits.

  • *International Immersion: To facilitate Learners with exposure to global learning scenarios and to introduce them to the demands of global market.


BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership Degree comes with six additional Certificates. There is no additional Fee for the Certificate program. Certificates are awarded to Learners on successful completion of Projects. The following are the additional certificates which will be given along with BA Liberal Arts degree:

  • *International Immersion Certificate

  • *National Immersion Certificate

  • Rural Immersion Certificate

  • Internship Certificate

  • World Peace Program Certificate

  • Certificates for attending Conferences

Program Highlights

  • The BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership program is a pioneer initiative to integrate Liberal Studies education, Leadership activities and Business Administration for a holistic learning in a multidisciplinary manner.

  • Students can gain a double specialization in Leadership Development and in any one elective from Management, Humanities and Social Sciences or Performing Arts domains.

  • The program design has a unique, integrated, and interdisciplinary in approach and is based on a blend of Specialization Courses in Management and Liberal Studies, Leadership Projects. It aims to shape the Learners to ‘lead’ and not to ‘follow.’

  • This multi-dimensionality allows the students to build leadership skills by engaging in critical thinking and problem solving through the unique course structure which includes Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, and Leadership Projects,

  • Analytical and research skills of the Learners are honed by Dissertation writing, and an array of Internships provides hands on practical experience at foundational level itself.

  • For the all-round development of the Learner there are programs like the Rural Immersion Project and various other Add on non-credit Certificate Courses like Enhancing Employee Performance and Well-being through Leadership, Justice, Support, and Spirituality.

  • Most importantly Peace Studies, an important and compulsory component of education at MIT WPU, is the most unique aspect of learning that integrates body, mind and soul for a rounded personality and competent performance.

  • Social initiatives like Rural Immersion Program and various other Certifications help students apply the theoretical knowledge in the real words and boosts their morale along the way.