MIT School of Government

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Higher Education and Research:
Graduates can opt for further advanced studies, to enter into educational field or pursue research activities.

Corporate field:
The area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is opening up as promising sector. The nature of job profile ranges from creating proposals for entrepreneurial ventures where the CSR funds can be employed.

Civil Services:
A career in civil services is a dream career for youths, the examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The course syllabus is helpful in student’s preparation for such examination.

Armed/Para-military forces:
Entry to armed services through Combined Defence Services (CDS) and Central Para Military Forces (CAPF).

Policy Research:
The course syllabus prepares student in areas of policy research and policy making, which is growing with governments opening up activities like CM Fellowship program or PM fellowship program etc.