Associate Dean, Faculty of Peace Studies

Prof. Milind Patre
Associate Dean, Faculty Peace Studies

Message from Prof Milind Patre, Associate Dean, Faculty of Peace Studies

Every child is born in a state of peace and bliss – irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, social/intellectual/financial state etc. There is an immense possibility of not only to keep this state of grace throughout one’s lifetime, but also to deepen it and to partake it with many around, and may even to the whole of humanity. However, as one progresses (?) in life, we lose this state of peace and bliss, primarily because we begin to lose our innocence owing to the pressures of day-to-day existence, responsibilities, challenges and complexities of life.

How to regain back our innocence, purity, and simplicity? How to once again begin living our lives with the carefreeness, joy and lightness of a child?

The solution lies in the ancient wisdom traditions of India. While referring to the essence of the Vedas, Swami Vivekananda observed, “The secret of religion lies not in theories but in practice. ‘To be good’ and ‘To do good’ – that is the whole of religion”.

While in all of our academic endeavors, whether in the East or in the West, we remained so much obsessed with ‘to do’ part i.e. ‘doing’, that we have essentially reduced ourselves to automatons, like machines; while paying no heed what-so-ever to its equally, nay, more important balancing counterpart ‘to be’ i.e. ‘being’.

My heart fills with rejoice when I say that here in MIT-WPU, we are again trying to establish the lost balance between ‘doing & being’, between Intellectual Development (IQ) and Emotional Development (EQ) of our students. We are giving ‘A life-altering perspective’ to students on the attainment of success. When we focus on teaching ‘doing’ part, we are making our students aware about “the unique talent” they possess, and also “their unique way of expressing it”. And when we focus on teaching ‘being’ part, we are actually helping evolve their consciousness to a higher dimension so that they can “blend this unique talent with service to others”.

And when this happens, one can experience the ecstasy, the exultation, the abundance in all spheres of life, which is the ultimate goal of all goals…!!!