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The Alumni Cell of MIT-WPU aims to be provide exceptional support to all alumni and help them engage with us. At an institutional level the Alumni are our loyal and unflinching supporters.

The MIT-WPU Alumni Cell hopes to engage with our existing MIT Group Alumni and help them smoothly transition to the Alumni Community here at MIT-WPU. The Alumni Cell at MIT-WPU hopes to provide students on Campus a World Class learning environment via linkages with our 100000+ strong Alumni Network.


To Foster an Engaged Community Dedicated to helping each other, and contributing to the Nation and Society at large in a meaningful way


To ensure a World Class Student Experience on-Campus and to create powerful Professional and Personal support Networks off-campus for all our Alumni.

Alumni Speak


“There are so many take-aways from MIT. So many of which have helped me get to this station of my career. If I must narrow down to the maximum impact take-aways then it has got to be the manner in which my lecturers and professors imparted knowledge, both theory and praxis. That the knowledge imparted was effective was reflected in my career in so many telling ways. MIT’s inculcation of discipline and the culture of value based education proved to be the keys that opened up my career for me. Yes, MIT provides opportunities for balanced learning, through classroom inputs as well as creating an atmosphere that helps students to develop capabilities to implement those theoretical inputs in real life conditions. In a nutshell MIT makes of its Students a force that brings concepts to life.”


Experience at MIT was fantastic, and laid the foundation stone for a challenging journey ahead. I passed in 1997 (BE Civil), and in 1999 completed my MBA from MITSOM. MIT, in those days, encouraged free thinking rather than just stressing on classroom teaching. We were often encouraged to look beyond books. It helped enormously to absorb and assimilate, from various interactions happening in and around the campus. In the hindsight, I believe, this very approach helped in inculcating a sense of self-discipline and develop a 360 degree approach to problem solving.