MIT-WPU Tech Team has been, and continues to be one of the leading teams at Robocon India. We are the only Indian team to reach the 5th position at the International Robocon – a Robotics Competition.

The inside This is the highest rank achieved by any Indian team. Among other achievements, we were the first team to use pneumatic pistons at Robocon India in the year 2011.


Also, in the year 2013, we introduced holonomic drive systems for the first time. Other teams have extensively used these technologies in the following years at Robocon.

In the year 2016, we were the only Indian team to successfully complete the theme using complete automation. Our alumni have published research papers in reputed national and international journals.This showcases our technological strength and proves our consistent performance at Robocon.


Team Robocon

We are a group of promising engineers from branches like E&TC,Computer, Mechanical, Civil,and Petroleum. We work systematically for a year before the competition.

The MIT-WPU Robocon team started its journey in Robocon 2005. In the past 12+ years, the team has shown a great potential and constant progress. The major reason for the team’s success is that MIT-WPU believes in Sharing and exchange of knowledge. Each year the new ideas and technology has been enhanced over the solid foundations of past years’ experience.

As a part of Robocon group, students imbibe strong abilities across, blue-printing, planning, designing, coding, cutting & welding, Conceptualising & researching, Presenting & testing and above all working with cross-functional teams for effective resource management. In fact, some of the best brains from MIT-WPU Tech Team have been hired by organisations to work on noted Robotics & Automations projects of national & international significance.

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