MIT Pune is now MIT-World Peace University !

MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is known to be among the top education institutions in India since the establishment of the MIT Group of Institutes in 1983. The ‘MIT World Peace University’ is recognised by the UGC under the Govt. of Maharashtra Act XXXV 2017, since 2017. Today MIT-WPU is at the epicentre for imparting a holistic value based education for the promotion of a universal culture of peace and welfare among the youth.

Witnessing rapid growth & expansion the MIT Group now encompasses 10+ campuses across India covering more than 1000 acres, all equipped with state of the art infrastructure and amenities. At any given point of time, more than 50,000 students are pursuing various courses across 65+ Institutes of MIT World Peace University.


    • To be a leading University of Excellence, promoting the “Culture of Peace” through Value-based “Universal Education System”, with a firm belief that “Union of Science and Religion / Spirituality alone will bring peace to mankind”

    • To be a world class space of intellectual distinction in creating extensively trained professionals who will stand for eternal human values and world peace as complete global citizens


    • To create a synergy of academics with technology, technology with research, research with industry, industry with economy and economy with social innovation, leading to world peace and positive change in the society

    • To identify, enhance, hone and nurture the strength of every student to apply scientific knowledge to touch the life of human beings

    • To foster the spirit of inquiry and imagination in students, to push the envelope of human knowledge and come up with innovative and ground-breaking solutions for well-being of the world

    • To create value and intellectual capital for society that will act as a prime mover for development of the society

    • To promote the ‘Idea of India’ by sensitizing students about the ethos of democracy, vision of leadership and culture of good governance

    • Co-creation and partnership with individuals and organizations that can support students realize their supreme potential

Sustainable Development Goals

MIT-WPU understands the synergetic relationship between humanity and the environment.
Sustainability is not only a noble idea, it is a necessity today. MIT-WPU has pledged to uphold and forward the sustainability goals as outlined by the UN, by inculcating among our student body a consideration for the environment as well as for those individuals less enfranchised than them.
Through numerous social initiatives such as the rural immersion program MIT-WPU aims to provide holistic education to their students aimed at understanding the world not in a profit and loss mentality, but in a holistic and cyclic one where the needs of an individual can never be greater than the needs of the environment. Understanding that the first environment an individual must master is their own body, MIT-WPU actively encourages fitness by provided numerous sporting opportunities as well as yoga and meditation classes for their students. We are pledges to create not only nationally conscientious students, but global citizens who will propel us into the 21 st century and beyond.