Here at MIT-WPU we strive to ensure the overall growth and development of our students mentally, spiritually as well as physically. We understand that all three of those spheres are interconnected and strength on one is not possible without concurrently strengthening the other two. This is why we at MIT-WPU value sports and actively try to involve all of our students in sporting activities. Not only does it aid in physical growth, sports is also a valuable teacher in applied leadership skills, time management, the importance of routine as well as perseverance. These qualities go a long way in making the individual excel at the education they are receiving while also optimizing their own worth ethic and even regulating their personal conduct.

MIT-WPU undertakes numerous events all year round such as SUMMIT, our national level sporting event which attracts more than 4000 individuals from across the colleges of India to participate in over 15 events at its 2018 avatar. We also have an inter staff sporting event called Teacher’s League, an interdisciplinary sporting event called Sports Fiesta, a state Basketball championship event called Hoop It Up as well as multiple minor events throughout the year which emphasizes our commitment to health, both mental and physical. This is why we have vested in gymnasiums, cricket, football and hockey fields, fully functioning Olympic size pools for water polo, swimming, basketball, tennis, and many more. MIT-WPU wishes to inculcate a culture of peace amongst its students and through them in society, and we recognize the value of sports in this endeavor. After all, the culture of peace is nothing but the language of sports.