About Peace Studies

Peace Studies is taught to our students to impart spiritual, moral and ethical guidance to them to act as a catalyst in their pursuit of higher education.

It is the process of promoting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about behavioral changes that will enable students to prevent conflict and violence, to resolve conflict peacefully; and to create the conditions conducive to peace, whether at an interpersonal, interpersonal, national or international level.

Peace Studies is such an empowering catalytic component that aims to make the youth realize the importance of inner peace and peace in the outer world. The curriculum includes but is not limited to Yoga, and Philosophy of Science and Spirituality, Indian Traditions, Culture and Heritage but at the same time incorporates 21st-century skills of team building, peaceful communication, human dynamics and conflict resolution

Peace Studies, keeping in mind the sustainable development goals, teaches students harmonious communication and team dynamics and content. As the famous Computer Scientist and Chancellor of Nalanda University, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar says” Progress of humanity as a whole is intimately linked with the progress of human thoughts, belief systems and world views”

By imparting a value-based education which is rich in our heritage, MIT-WPU Peace Studies empowers the students to lead thought-provoking and dynamic lives. With their focus towards peace values and commitment to holistic development, they are geared to transform social and societal issues for personal and global growth.