School of Liberal Arts


A Cradle of Innovation, Creativity and Leadership


In keeping with the Mission of MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU), the School of Liberal Arts is dedicated to develop overall personality of Learners by enhancing their skills, critical thinking, logical analysis, ethical & spiritual well-being along with fostering creativity. These skills will help them to achieve a successful career in an increasingly competitive world and also earn a reputation as excellent human beings in society.

The School of Liberal Arts provides a multifaceted view of the world to the Learners. It focuses on creating the synergy between Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Literature, Arts, various skills, and knowledge systems. It also emphasizes research, analytical approach, problem solving aptitude, self-expression, and life-long learning.

The School aims at developing professionals with social sensitivity and ethical approaches to empower society globally. The School shapes the personality of Learners with applied aspects of knowledge and skills to cater to the contemporary needs of society. The programs offered by the school facilitate to develop an interdisciplinary perspective of Learners towards social issues and their capacity to resolve them efficiently.

The School endeavors to partner with renowned experts from diverse fields and eminent organizations to help the Learners fulfill their fullest potential. It encourages learners to develop an inquisitive attitude towards individual and social development. This is accomplished through updated syllabus, continuous internal assessment, practical work, workshops, guest lectures, fieldwork, assignments, and various teaching-learning methods. In nutshell, a holistic approach is adopted to facilitate all round development of the Learners.


  • To introduce and provide in-depth knowledge in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences by providing the latest knowledge to the students.

  • We aim to ignite the young minds by reviving our time tested value systems- ethos, culture, and traditions which will enable the students to have a nurturing attitude and environment in and around them.

  • To inculcate sensitivity and creativity in students by combining spirituality and academics.

  • To provide interdisciplinary education to students to hone their vocational skills which will allow them to work in global professional environments.



  • To provide a multifaceted view of the world through the lens of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • It emphasizes critical thinking, communication, creative problem solving, self-expression, innovative research, and lifelong learning.

  • It strives to teach students, how to think & give them knowledge and skills.

  • To encourage students to take up research in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • To prepare students not only to make a living but also to make a life.

  • To develop awareness among students about different cultures, attitudes across various ethnicities through different programs in Humanities and Social Sciences.


Dr. Ravikumar Chitnis

Pro Vice Chancellor
MIT World Peace University
School of Liberal Arts, Media & Journalism, Fine Arts | School of Commerce | School of Education | International Collaborations | Chairman, Faculty of Management (UG Programs) | National Convener, National Teachers Congress

Message from Pro Vice Chancellor

Welcome to MIT-World Peace University, School of Liberal Arts for Undergraduate Programs. BA (Hons) English, BA (Hons) Psychology, BA (Hons) Political Science aim to provide an overview of Humanities and Social Sciences. The programs offered at School of Liberal Arts are a unique blend of experiential and classroom learning. The programs provide flexibility and variety that suits the interests and needs of the students. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape the ideas and provide right direction to the creativity of the students.

School of Liberal Arts will create a pool of professionals who would be well equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century. It will fulfill the multiple requirements of employers globally. Rural and National Immersion programs will ensure that empathy is cultivated in students along with professional ethics. BA Liberal Arts and BA (Hons) Programs strive to create translators, entrepreneurs, counselors, leaders, economists, journalists, performing artists of the future.

MIT-World Peace University encourages critical thinking, creativity and spiritual development among students. Peace studies is an integral part of the curriculum which builds a character with integrity and awareness. This philosophy enables the students to become lifelong learners. It imbibes creativity and innovation which facilitates society building. School of Liberal Arts takes an important step forward in this vision of the leadership at the university.

I invite all the students to enroll at School of Liberal Arts and start the journey which will spark their curiosity and fulfill their dreams!

Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar

Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Performing Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Journalism
Faculty of Law

Message from Dean

Learning is an enriching experience for life transformation.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Media & Journalism at Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University (MIT WPU) is focused at fulfilling its goal of helping learners gain both, practical knowledge along with applied skills, for making the difference, by fulfilling personal as well as professional growth and to persevere progressive career advancement as an active professional and leader in career and life.

The undergraduate programs of the School of Liberal Arts and School of Fine Arts, Media & Journalism are uniquely designed based on MIT WPU core principles of partnerships, social innovation, research, and technology. The program design is based on an enriched blend of industry exposure, interaction with eminent experts, hands-on training, industry & field visits, experiential learning, internships, peace studies, yoga, meditation, rural immersion program and various innovative and interdisciplinary approaches for indoor and outdoor activities, exhibitions and displays.

Preeti Joshi

Dr. Preeti Joshi

Head of School
School of Liberal Arts

Message from Head of School

“All the programs under MIT-WPU’s School of Liberal Arts are designed for the holistic development of students at the undergraduate level. MIT-WPU’s mantra for students in the 21st Century is to become individuals with high emotional quotient and social awareness. Heritage walks, guest lectures, invited talks, Rural Immersion program ensure that MIT WPU students live this mantra. We conduct yoga sessions every week as an integral part of the curriculum. Massive Open Online Courses are also to be opted by students which helps them to have an interdisciplinary approach to their chosen B.A. Liberal Arts/ BA (Hons) programs. The School of Liberal Arts aims to facilitate the students with an aim to shape the young translators, critics, policymakers, counsellors and leaders of tomorrow. It plans to place students on the world map and prove that students of Liberal Arts have great potential and can definitely succeed with correct guidance and motivation. We endeavor to prepare our students to become responsible citizens, adept to face the present situation and future challenges in a fast, rapidly changing world by incorporating the best of academics and values. We aim to ignite the young minds by reviving our time tested value systems of ethos, culture, and traditions.

The new BA Liberal Arts program, which we are launching this year, is a unique approach towards education. The program has a multi-disciplinary basket of diverse subjects for students who have more than one interest. It enables students to become strong-minded leaders in various fields. The program ensures that students acquire multiple skill sets and creative mindset to adapt to any challenges in their personal as well as professional life. Personally, I think this program will help students to become balanced individuals with high skill sets, ethics, and values.”