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The IEEE SPS Winter School 2018 at MIT-WPU was a great success!!!

The committee would like to thank all esteemed speakers, the participants and all those who made it such a fruitful & valuable experience. See you at future events at MIT-WPU with some more innovative ideas to nourish our minds.

IEEE SPS Winter School 2018, “Advances in Machine Learning and Visual Analytics for Forensic and Security Applications” focuses on interdisciplinary approach to address the increasing sophistication and diversity of threats to public security. There is critical demand of deploying reliable, secure, and timely efficient visual intelligent surveillance systems in smart cities. A major recent development is the massive success resulting from using the machine learning techniques to enable the significant boosting of visual analysis performance and initiate new research directions to understand visual content. For example, convolutional neural networks have demonstrated superiority on modeling high-level visual concepts, while recurrent neural networks have shown promise in modeling temporal dynamics in videos. It has been and will be seen as resolution to change the whole visual recognition systems. It is expected that the development of Machine Learning and its related visual analytic methodologies would further influence the field of intelligent surveillance systems. After the completion of the winter school, participants will gain the fundamental and advanced knowledge in the extensive field of machine Learning and related applications. Participants would be able to create better solutions and explore greater perspectives in their domains of interest within this growing field of research.


The Winter School will create opportunity for participants to share their views and work contributions, which addresses the challenges in deep learning and related techniques. Objective of the winter school is to understand and promote the ubiquitous applications in visual analytics for forensic and security applications.



  • Overview of machine learning
  • Machine learning & knowledge extraction
  • Building blocks of visual analytics
  • Neural networks
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Scene understanding and human behavior analysis
  • Event (abnormal) detection and recognition
  • Object tracking and segmentation
  • Pedestrian and vehicle navigation tracking
  • Vehicle detection
  • Cloud and distributed for visual surveillance
  • Signature biometrics and forensics
  • Face biometrics system security
  • Deep learning in face analysis
  • Face spoofing & liveness
  • Person re-identification and biometric recognition
  • Finger print analysis and detection
  • Last date for registration: 8th December 2018
  • Participants :Limited 40 Seats only, Hurry up/ Registration started
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