MIT-WPU School of Chemical Engineering



  • Kiran Patil, Kshirsagar Lalit and Somnath Nandi , PFD and Pipe Sizing for a Coal-Bed Methane (CBM) Plant for Hydrocarbon Resources Development Ltd., Mumbai, India (Completed  August  2004)

  • Kiran Patil, Kshirsagar Lalit  and Somnath Nandi ,  Pipe Sizing for Crude Separation Unit of the process system for BK EPS Plant (Client: Essar Oil Ltd) for Hydrocarbon Resources Development Ltd., Mumbai, India, (Completed  in July 2007)

  • Kiran Patil , VLE and Kinetic data generation for Thermax India Limited, Pune, India (October 2008)

  • Kiran Patil, B.D. Kulkarni, Imran Rehman, BENEFUEL Project for UNITEL Technologies, Inc., USA, (Modeling and Simulation work) in , collaboration with National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, (Completed October 2009)

  • Kiran Patil ,Modeling and Experimental work for Synthesis of Methyl Acetate via Reactive Distillation for M/s ABC Ltd., Vapi, Gujarat (Completed in March 2012)

  • Niraj Topare, Kiran Patil , Ultrasonic Process for Synthesis of Biodiesel from various feedstocks for M/s ABC Ltd. (Completed June 2014)

  • Kiran Patil, Mass Transfer and Hydraulics studies on Random Packing with air-water system, packing wetting rates and estimation of HETP value for a specific system for M/s Mass Transfer Products Industries Ltd., Mumbai( Completed June 2017)