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MIT-World Peace University

MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is a culmination of a Vision to re-establish India’s position as a ‘Vishwa Guru’, which means ‘The Teacher of the World’.

MIT Pune is now MIT-World Peace University!

The land of Sages and Seers, India has been a knowledge hub of Ancient Texts, Ayurveda, Yoga, Spirituality, Literature and Mythology since ages. The legacy of imparting true values along with knowledge has been at the Heart of MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions since 1983. This legacy is now continued by MIT World Peace University. MIT-WPU Pune houses the World Peace Center, the UNESCO chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance.

MIT-World Peace University also known as MIT-WPU is an eco-friendly, vibrant and lively campus offering unique programmes and courses conforming to the highest expected industry standards. MIT-WPU’s uniquely designed programmes combined with top class facilities and amenities depict our founder’s vision of ‘Attaining World Peace through Education’ a reality.

Keeping abreast with scientific breakthroughs and developing cutting edge technology that can radically alter the face of the world in the future and benefit mankind while nurturing and honouring our heritage and cultural blueprints from the past are a tradition at MIT-WPU.

At MIT-WPU, we also impart holistic education combined with scientific, technological & spiritual development of the students. We prepare our students to be responsible citizens adept to face the present situations and future challenges in a fast, rapidly changing world by incorporating best of academics and values. We aim to ignite the young minds by reviving our time tested value systems- ethos, culture and tradition. At MIT-WPU, our curriculum emphasizes on sensitizing our young students about the human dimensions of not just professional pursuits but life itself!

Located in the heart of the cultural capital of Maharashtra, MIT-WPU Pune houses the World Peace Center, the UNESCO chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance.We invite you to start your journey of life transformation with MIT-WPU.

News & Events

International Women's Day

MIT-WPU has published special issue dedicated to Change Maker Women : Global and Indian. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. With Warm Wishes!

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Film Club of MIT WPU – ‘Cinephiles’

Showcasing cinema of China in association with the People's Republic of China

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